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Biomet M2A-Magnum Metal-on-Metal Hip Replacement

Biomet M2A-Magnum Metal-on-Metal Hip Replacement

The safety of the Biomet M2A-Magnum metal-on-metal hip replacement device is under scrutiny following reports of a number of adverse side effects over the past several years.

The Biomet M2A-Magnum device includes chromium and cobalt in its composition. Much like the recalled DePuy ASR, both the head and the acetabular cup (ball and socket components) in the Biomet are made of metal. When these two components rub against each other, small metal pieces could come off and enter the surrounding tissue and the bloodstream. This causes inflammation, loosening, cobalt toxicity (metallosis), and other problems similar to those implanted with the DePuy ASR devices.

There is concern the Biomet M2A-Magnum metal-on-metal hip replacement may prematurely fail, and put patients’ health at risk, even though it was not recalled.

Symptoms of a failed Biomet metal-on-metal hip implant may include:

  • Pain around the hip, thigh or groin
  • Difficulty walking or standing
  • Swelling around the implant area
  • Rash that indicates dying tissue
  • Loosening or dislocation of the implant

The FDA is currently reviewing the safety and effectiveness of Biomet M2A-Magnum metal-on-metal hip replacements.

More than 80,000 Biomet M2A-Magnum devices were  implanted in patients throughout the United States.

Hip Replacement Failure and Your Legal Rights

If you, or someone you know, is suffering from problems with a Biomet metal-on-metal hip replacement, learn how you can protect your rights. Fill out a contact form on this page for a free and confidential case evaluation by a medical product liability lawyer, or contact us at 916-520-6639.

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Getting the Help You Deserve

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