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Which DePuy ASR hip recipients are included in the latest settlement?

Which DePuy ASR hip recipients are included in the latest settlement?

I just left a hearing in the DePuy ASR litigation where a proposed settlement was presented to the court.  This is a global settlement that attempts to resolve approximately 8,000 lawsuits that are pending against DePuy involving the DePuy ASR hip recall.  Some people with cases may be happy with the settlement offer, some people may not.  Below is a broad outline of what the proposed offer entails.  Essentially, the settlement works like this:

  • To qualify for participation in the settlement program you have to be an individual who had a DePuy ASR hip that was revised.
  • The revision has to have occurred more than 180 days after the initial hip was put in.  For most people, that is not an issue.  Further, the revision cannot be a result of an infection.  For example, if you had your DePuy ASR hip put in and you contracted an infection in the hip joint several months later and as a result the hip has to be taken out, that case would not qualify.  There is going to be very specific criteria for what qualifies for an infection.  For detailed advice regarding this scenario, please contact our product liability attorneys, Bill Kershaw or Stuart Talley at (888) 635-3970.
  • So, assuming you qualify to participate in the settlement, the settlement provides that if you are the run-of-the-mill person who had one DePuy ASR and that hip was revised with no complications as a result of the surgery (no nerve damage, no subsequent surgeries, no infection) you would be entitled to $250,000 under this settlement.


So, that is what is going on with the settlement.  Still more details to come out, but for most people out there if you are sort of the run-of-the-mill person who had a revision surgery with a DePuy ASR during the right time period, your case would likely be worth $250,000.

If you have any questions or concerns or if you would like advice or information as to whether you should take the settlement or what it means for you, contact our medical device lawyers today.

It is vital to have an attorney to assist with you as your case goes through the claims process.  You can reach Product Liability Attorneys Bill Kershaw or Stuart Talley at (888) 635-3970.  We will also continue to post informative blogs on this site that will include significant updates in this settlement offer.


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