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November 19, 2013 – Today in Toledo Ohio, DePuy Orthopedics announced that it was initiating a voluntary settlement program in an effort to resolve approximately 8,000 lawsuits filed against it arising from the recall of its DePuy ASR prosthetic hip.  Under the program, individuals who have had a revision surgery of their DePuy ASR hip prior to August 31, 2013 will receive a “base award” of $250,000 to settle their claims against DePuy.  That base offer can then be adjusted downward for a variety of health factors including the age of the plaintiff,  the plaintiff’s smoking history, the plaintiff’s weight, and the length of time the implant was present before it was removed.

Under the program, there is also separate fund available to provide adjustments upward for individuals who had two revision surgeries or complications following their revision surgery.  The extent of upward adjustments is extremely complicated and is based on a variety of individual factors.

If you have not had your ASR hip revised, the settlement does not impact or affect your rights in any way.  The unrevised cases will continue to go forward and we expect that sometime down the road, DePuy will be forced to either settle these cases or submit them to a jury.

We want everyone to know that this is not the “official” DePuy ASR settlement website and the information provided here is for informational purposes only.  The official website containing information about the settlement can be found at  We encourage everyone to visit this website for more detailed information about the settlement.

Answers to some common questions that have been raised by our clients about this settlement can be found at:

If you have any questions about the potential ASR and J&J settlement, contact our attorneys who specialize in defective hip cases who are available 24-hours a day. Call 888-635-3970 to speak with a Prodcut Liability Lawyer.

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