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Did Broadspire Contact you?

Did Broadspire Contact you?

If you have been contacted by Broadspire there are several important things you must do.

  1. Contact an attorney – it is important to understand that Broadspire works for Stryker.  Therefore, they do not have your best interests at heart and may attempt to get admissions from you that could impact your rights down the road.
  2. Do not sign anything – One of the ways that Broadspire could impact your ability to file a claim down the road is by having you sign a document that releases your claims.  Many times these releases can buried in the fine print of a larger document that seems to be unrelated.  Therefore, before you sign anything it is important to have a lawyer review the document.
  3. Don’t be lured into waiving your claims – Every state has a different statute of limitations that in many instances can be little as one year.  Depending on your state, that statute will begin to run from the date you find out your hip was recalled;  not the date you feel you have been injured!   Although Broadspire may be willing to provide you with some reimbursement for certain out of pocket expenses, it will not be paying you for the full extent of your damages and, if the statute of limitations has run on your case, will likely pay you nothing.  Therefore, don’t be fooled by Broadspire’s reassurance that it will “take care of you.”  This is a non-binding promise that can leave you out to dry if two or three years from now you need revision surgery. Again, this is why it is critical that you get an attorney on board as soon as possible to ensure that your rights are protected.

For a free case evaluation, please contact our product liability attorney, Stuart Talley, at (888) 817-2527 or tell us your story using our online form on this site and we will contact you shortly. 

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