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What Are The Treatment Options For People With High Cobalt and Chromium Levels?

At Kershaw, Cook & Talley, we represent hundreds of patients with high cobalt and chromium levels resulting from defective hip prostheses. Based on our client’s experiences, it appears there are no standard protocols in place for dealing with elevated cobalt and chromium levels in patients. While some doctors are eager to remove hips in patients with high levels, others err on the side of caution and monitor the patient’s status with regular blood tests, x-rays, and MRIs. This uncertainty in the medical community creates a dilemma for patients concerned with health implications of elevated cobalt and chromium levels in their systems.

In response to these concerns, a group of orthopedic surgeons examined these issues and developed a treatment protocol to help doctors decide if revision surgery is advisable. This protocol, or “decision tree”, describes a series of tests and procedures the surgeon employs to determine if surgery or simply monitoring their patient is the necessary course of action. As a patient, understanding this protocol will assist you in asking your doctor the right questions, and making sure the appropriate tests are performed.

We recommend anyone considering hip replacement surgery review the decision tree below prior to making any decisions.

This decision tree is an attempt to recreate the one found in the medical journal article from the CCJR Supplement to the Journal of Bone and Joint Surgery. 

This is not an attempt to give medical advice to any person.  We recommend that anyone with problematic or recalled hips refer to the article.  As always, we also recommend that anyone with hip problems consult with their doctor before making any informed decisions with respect to their health.



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