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Smith & Nephew R3 Recall

About the Smith & Nephew R3 Hip Recall

The Smith & Nephew Reflection 3 (R3) Acetabular Hip was approved via the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) 510k process in 2007. Smith & Nephew Orthopaedics issued a recall for metal liners of the R3 acetabular system on June 1, 2012. The use of Smith & Nephew R3 in total hip replacements is associated with a higher than expected number of revision surgeries, prompting a market withdrawal of the devices.

Smith & Nephew R3 Hip Problems

The metal-on-metal liner is linked to various health issues  including but not limited to:

  •  infection
  • dislocation
  • metal sensitivity
  • loosening/lysis
  • fracture
  • difficulty walking and pain

What Smith & Nephew R3 Patients Need to Do Now!

Smith & Nephew recommends physicians maintain their typical follow-up protocol for patients who have undergone total hip replacement or resurfacing surgery and implanted with the Smith & Nephew R3. However, this advice can have adverse long-term consequences, both physically and financially.  You should immediately have your blood tested for cobalt and chromium whether or not you have pain, and/or swelling or other unexplained symptoms. Patients with cobalt and chromium levels above 0.3 micrograms per liter (mg/l) or parts per billion (ppb) require monitoring since these levels are abnormal. At this time, it is also pertinent patients contact a Smith & Nephew R3 attorney. Our attorneys help protect your legal rights. The manufacturers must be held accountable; assuming financial responsibility for their negligence which entitles patients to potential monetary compensation for their pain and suffering.

Your Potential Compensation!

You may be entitled to compensatory and punitive damages including:

  • lost wages
  • medical expenses
  • cost of disability
  • property loss or repair
  • pain and suffering
  • loss of consortium (if applicable)

How We Can Help!

If you or someone you know, is affected by a recalled Smith & Nephew R3 hip implant,  contact one of our product liability attorneys qualified to protect your best interest and your legal rights. At Kershaw, Cook & Talley, we represent hundreds of hip replacement patients who, for decades, continue to rely on our knowledge and expertise in fighting and winning cases in the mass tort and medical device arenas. All it takes is 3 simple steps! Start by sharing your story with us through our free evaluation form on this page or we invite you to give us a call, toll free, at 888-817-2527 for a confidential case review.

At Kershaw, Cook & Talley, we look forward to serving you and your family.

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