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Recall Attorneys Guide Patients with MoM Hip Implants

The civil justice law firm of Kershaw, Cook & Talley provides a comprehensive list of questions patients with metal on metal hip prostheses should ask their doctor.

Kershaw, Cook & Talley represents hundreds of individuals dealing with the physical and emotional toll from their defective hips. The partners at the firm are dedicated to providing the latest information concerning Stryker Rejuvenate and Stryker ABG II prostheses.

Many of our clients receive different opinions, and treatment options, regarding follow-up for their defective metal on metal hips. Some clients were informed revision surgery was a necessary solution, while others were told monitoring via repeat blood tests, x-rays, and physical examination was sufficient.

Kershaw, Cook & Talley attorneys compiled a list of questions every Stryker patient should ask their surgeon regarding the best course of action. The list serves as a guide to ensure your clinician takes the appropriate steps necessary for your treatment and protection.

For the comprehensive list, please refer to Questions To Ask Your Doctor.

Kershaw, Cook & Talley is a Sacramento-based firm representing individuals nationwide in defective medical device cases. The firm generates hundreds of millions of dollars in recoveries for their clients and the classes they represent. Individuals impacted by Stryker’s hip systems are entitled to compensation for wage losses, medical bills, and pain and suffering. For a free case evaluation, and more information about the status of the case, feel free to call Bill Kershaw or Stuart Talley directly at (888) 817-2527 or log onto


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