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Stryker Hip Recall What kinds of damages would I be entitled to?

Stryker Hip Recall Attorney – Legal Blog: What kinds of damages would I be entitled to?

Hi, this is Stuart Talley of Kershaw, Cook & Talley. Bill Kershaw and I are the partners responsible for the Stryker Rejuvenate litigation at the firm. I received a call yesterday from a client in Tucson, Arizona. She asked, “What kind of damages would I be suing for if I filed a lawsuit in a case like this?” Many clients were contacted by a company called Broadspire who promised to cover some of the out-of-pocket expenses that people incur as a result of the Rejuvenate recall.

Clients have questions and concerns about what kinds of damages they can recover in a lawsuit, and why they even need to file a lawsuit. Well, in order to recover your damages, you have to file a lawsuit. Broadspire only covers your out-of-pocket expenses. It doesn’t cover pain and suffering associated with an unnecessary hip operation or long-term lost earnings. It won’t reimburse your insurance company for amounts they spend to treat you in the future. The most important thing to understand is that when you have a recalled hip, early replacement is recommended. There are many studies indicating you’re going to have more problems with your hip in the future. You’re going to have more pain, dislocations, and additional surgeries; which would have been avoided if your hip worked properly in the first place. This is the biggest part of our case and why our clients want to sue.

If you have a Stryker Rejuvenate, call me directly at 888-997-5170. My name is Stuart Talley and I am more than happy to talk about your situation and help protect your rights.  Please visit us at or our main site

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