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Stryker Hip Recall Statute Of Limitations

What Is the Stryker Hip Recall Statute of Limitations?

Many patients with Stryker AGB II or Rejuvenate hip prostheses are concerned with the adverse effects secondary to implantation of these devices. Both of these devices have been subject to product recalls due to the danger of implant failure as well as the risk of metallosis. At Kershaw, Cook & Talley, our hip recall attorneys represent hundreds of individuals who received these recalled implants. We understand the concern that you may feel about the risk of cobalt chromium toxicity and the need for hip revision surgery. Additionally, many people have questions regarding the Stryker hip recall statute of limitations, which may impact your ability to file a claim. Below, attorney Stuart Talley addresses this common concern.

Stryker Hip Recall Statute of Limitations

I’m Stuart Talley with Kershaw, Cook & Talley. Bill Kershaw and I are the partners responsible for the Stryker Rejuvenate and Stryker ABG II litigation cases. Today, I will discuss a frequently asked question concerning the statute of limitations and how it impacts your legal rights in this case.

The main concern is when the statute of limitations runs. Does it run from the date your Stryker was implanted? Does it run from the date of the recall? Does it start when the surgeon informs you of the recalled hip? Does it begin when you are diagnosed with elevated cobalt-chromium toxicity? Many of these dates potentially indicate when the statute of limitations starts to run.

Unfortunately, there is no clear-cut rule regarding the statute of limitations; the statute of limitations runs for approximately one to two years in most states. Therefore, it is in your best interest to use the earliest date possible. This decreases the chance Stryker will argue for case dismissal or claim the case has no merit.

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A statute of limitations determines how long you have to file a claim after an injury, accident or other circumstance. Once it expires, then you are barred from pursuing compensation, regardless of the circumstances, in most cases. Different states have different laws defining when the time limit imposed by the statute of limitations begins. It is especially difficult to pinpoint this date in cases like the Stryker hip recall.

Therefore, if you have a Stryker Rejuvenate or ABG II hip, get in touch with a product liability lawyer immediately. Waiting too long to get legal help may cause you to lose your right to file a claim against the manufacturer. This also ensures the statute of limitations does not run out on your case.

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