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Stryker Settlement: How much will I receive?

The Stryker settlement that was announced on November 3 covers individuals with Stryker Rejuvenate or ABG II hips that were revised. A common question we hear is, “How much will I get?”

The amount you will receive depends on numerous factors. The base, or where you start, is $300,000 if you had a hip revision. This amount is per hip. So, if you had two hips revised you would get $600,000. The settlement is structured so that each hip is dealt with independently.

There are deductions from the $300,000 based on age (anyone over 70), weight (over a certain BMI), and other medical circumstances. There is also a deduction if the hip was initially put in as part of a revision surgery.  This means in your index surgery you had a non-Stryker hip which wore out and then you were implanted with a Stryker hip.

There are upward adjustments, or enhancements, to the $300,000. An upward adjustment will occur when you have extraordinary injuries. An extraordinary injury example is if they had to do an osteotomy during your revision surgery. Osteotomy is a procedure where the cut the femur in order to get out the stem. There are enhancements for individuals with severe muscle damage during the revision surgery that required repair. Specifically, I am referring to the abductor muscle. There are also enhancements for people who had dislocations after the revision surgery. People who got an infection after revision surgery may also get an enhancement. The settlement has a series of enhancements designed to compensate people who had extraordinary injuries.

Determining the enhancements is not an easy process. It involves a detailed examination of your medical records and a thorough understanding of the settlement agreement. Analyzing your medical records and comparing it to the settlement agreement will figure out how much you need.

For a PDF of the Stryker Settlement FAQs and answers, please click Kershaw, Cook & Talley Stryker FAQs to download the file. 

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