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Wright Pro Femur and Conserve Lawsuit Update

We are providing an update on the Wright Pro Femur and Conserve litigation. Right now, at our firm, we represent many people who have different kinds of defective hips. One of the most recent cases involves the Wright Medical hips: the Pro Femur and Conserve.

The problem with these hips is that they leech metal ions (particles) into the hip joint of people that have them. Both of these hips are made from two kinds of metal, cobalt and chromium. These metals are released into the hip joint and can cause bone destruction, soft tissue damage, pseudotumors, and destruction of nerves, tendon, and muscles.

Most of the clients that we have tell a similar story. They have the hip and the hip is causing them lots of pain. They go to the surgeon who performs an x-ray and tells them everything looks fine. Sometimes they’re sent to a back doctor, or another doctor, to figure out where the pain is coming from. The real cause becomes apparent when a blood test is done; specifically, testing the blood for cobalt and chromium. Cobalt and chromium is released into the body due to wear and tear from the hip implant. This is detected via a blood test. If the results indicate elevated levels of cobalt and chromium, the next step is having a MARS MRI. A MARS MRI is a special MRI for people with metal implants. The MRI shows if you have a pseudotumor or fluid collection in the hip.

We are handling cases that were filed among several thousand cases now pending in Atlanta, Georgia. Some are also pending in Los Angeles, California. There are trials set for March 2015.

If you have a Wright Medical hip, and are having any problems, give us a call right away. There is a statute of limitations that runs on these cases.

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